MedLIT is a project which recognizes communication as a basic necessity for facilitating self-sufficient and successful integration. Six different organizations from Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Malta and Austria have formed a partnership geared towards advancing  “Media Literacy for Migrant Women’’(MedLIT).

The program provides support to Refugee, Asylum Seeking and Migrant Women from various backgrounds who are faced with the varying challenges of integration in Tirol. Some barriers include learning the language, finding a job, or assisting with the recognition of qualifications of the host country. During the period of May and June 2019 we at Verein Multikulturell were able to assist two groups of migrant women, with each with ten participants took part in our MedLIT project. Initially, a qualitative investigation was made followed by a training concept developed by the project team, consisting of seven modules. The learning then began with the basics of turning on the computer followed by lessons on using the search browser. In addition to this, the women were taught of the features on their Smartphones including useful German learning apps. Each participant now has their own e-mail address along with a password that they can manage. Additionally, the women are able to fill out forms online and perform other tasks independently. “Most importantly these women were able to self-sufficiently develop and gain personal understanding during their experience”- Ali Amiri (Course Teacher). The program has given them a foundation combined of skills in Media Literacy.

“Media Literacy for Migrant Women’’ distinctively demonstrates the importance of
Women Empowerment. Through the initiative women are given the support to become more confident, secure and self-sufficient.

All training materials available for free downloaded from: September 2019 in the following languages English, Arabic, Italian, Greek and Farsi on